Save money on Payroll ServicesIt’s been six months, and every day Harold puts in a good hard day at work and goes home a little bit early. This doesn’t bother you a bit; he’s a hard worker. But one day, you happen to catch a glimpse of some payroll records, and you notice something a bit distressing. For these past six months, Harold has been receiving a full 8 hours of pay per day! You pull out your trusty calculator and discover that Harold has been given almost a week’s worth of extra income, to the tune of hundreds of dollars of company money. To make matters worse, this causes you to look into the issue further—only to discover that Harold is not the only one doing this.

Accountable Timekeeping for Sioux Falls

Keeping your employees accountable is difficult using the “honor system,” and the issue is only compounded by using manual methods for payroll and timekeeping for your Sioux Falls business. Apart from dishonest practices like time theft and “buddy punching,” (that is, having your “buddy” punch the clock for you) you also run a greater risk of human error in processing and—let’s not forget—spending more labor minutes during manual time card totaling.

More Accurate Payroll

The American Payroll Association estimates that 1 to 8% of total payroll is miscalculated. This figure is made more significant if you consider that this is just the rate of incorrect entries. It’s bad enough to imagine paying 8% more than you should. But each instance amidst this 8% is its own unique error—pushing the wrong key on the number pad or putting a decimal point in the wrong place. If such errors aren’t caught, the results could be staggering…and you may never realize what’s happened.

Don’t pay more than you should for payroll! Automated Payroll is the easy solution for keeping all of your I’s dotted and your T’s crossed without any extra time or effort by you or your employees.

Further Automated Benefits

Along with the essential functions of timekeeping and payroll services, there are plenty of advanced features and ancillary services that make automated payroll and timekeeping for your Sioux Falls business a must have.

Our cloud-based payroll software doesn’t merely calculate payroll and give you the totals. There are plenty of options to help make your payroll process flexible and convenient. You can set up direct deposit, pay cards, or print checks, and your employees have access to a self-service portal where they can view check stubs and W-2’s. It syncs with QuickBooks for convenience and is ACA compliant, so there won’t be any complications with fines or penalties.

Better End Results

Time is money and accuracy in payroll is keyIt’s been another six months, and Harold is still working hard, but after a good long talk—and some makeup hours—you’ve decided to put him on salary so he can put in his hard work on his own schedule. The other, hourly employees now punch in and out with our Employee Time Tracking and Scheduling system. Since then, you’ve noticed a marked decrease in the cost of payroll, and you can easily see that your employees are being paid accurately for the time they work—no more, and no less.

Does this sound familiar? Calculate your payroll costs here and see how much you could be saving!