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This warmer, May weather has you feeling tied to your desk. We know. That’s why we offer automated payroll in Sioux Falls, SD to help unchain you from tasks that can be done for you!

As you stare out the window at the fresh-blossoming trees, glistening puddles, and you hear the faint sound of birds chirping, know that you can be out there enjoying it too—with a little help.

Get it Automated

With modern technology, clerical tasks like payroll are being increasingly moved to cloud-based, automated platforms. You get all the same payroll and bookkeeping services and support from these systems without the overhead that comes from using up personnel resources—or YOUR own time.

Enjoying the Fresh Air

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Having this load off of you and your company can do more than open up space in your workday to increase productivity. The extra time and money you save from automating your payroll can take away stress and give you more leisure time…which is a wonderful thing in the springtime.

Don’t stay indoors this spring!

With your company’s payroll outsourced to an automated system, backed by a talented, hardworking team, you’ll be able to take in the fresh, new season. You can even make it to some of the events you may have missed last spring.

If you’re into wine, hit up downtown for the Art & Wine Walk! As your payroll automation is lending you support, you can return the favor to local artists. And if you’re wanting to give summer a warm welcome, you can mosey on down to the May Eastbank Block Party for food and live entertainment.

With your payroll taken care of, you can rest easy and enjoy your spring!

The Savings Just Don’t Stop

Did you know? 82 million Americans—nearly half of the workforce—has experienced an issue with their paycheck.

That’s major.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The biggest reason for payroll mistakes is human error. So how do you deal with human error? Eliminate the chance for humans to make errors in the first place!Taking away the risk of someone typing in the wrong figure or missing a mundane—yet essential—detail can help you save untold amounts of cash. These payroll and timekeeping errors could cause you to pay employees too much or too little, and you can even end up with legal problems if payroll is dealt with incorrectly.

Appeasing the “Tax Man”

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Another key benefit of automated payroll is how it helps you prepare for tax season. Many of you may be sweating—or making a sigh of relief—after paying your payroll taxes this year. But next year, the same automation that streamlines your payroll can perform the same magic for your payroll taxes!

Our online portal gives you access to employee information, paystubs, and even 1099s, W-4s, and W-2s, which can be conveniently printed out. This helps you save time and stress, with all this data in one location and ready to be sent off to the IRS for filing.

Get Your Time Back!

Spring comes but once a year. Don’t let this gorgeous spring weather pass you by! Get out of the office and get some fresh air with the help of automated payroll in Sioux Falls, SD. And while you’re at it, take advantage of our special offer…

FREE – setup and first month’s service!