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Automated Bookkeeping Holiday Special

December is here again, and along with it, the Holidays! After gazing upon the lights and decorations during the 27th Annual Parade of Lights with twinkling satisfaction, many will be looking forward to their holiday as a means to some well-earned time off work.

And here’s how we can help…

Get rid of your manual payroll in favor of automated payroll. With today’s technology, there’s just no reason to spend your precious time tabulating, checking, totaling, and rechecking data when an integrated cloud-based automated system can keep it updated for you.

Putting the task in the hands of our automated payroll services for your Sioux Falls company opens up hours, or even days, of time. This way, you can spend that time on other tasks, allowing you to run your business smoothly, which will give you the freedom to spend your holiday the way it ought to be spent.

The Best Way to Spend Your Holiday

Instead of updating information from various sources and ensuring you have the most updated versions of the source files to avoid making a timekeeping error…

…you should be spending time relaxing with family…

Learn Quickbooks with our special holiday discount!

  • You should be making gingerbread cookies of all shapes and sizes with your 8-year-old daughter.
  • You should be making ever more unique snowflake patterns out of construction paper with assorted nieces and nephews.
  • You should be sipping hot cocoa in front of the fire.
  • You should be staring out at the snowfall from the comfort of your home while in the arms of your significant other.


This is the real holiday season in full swing.

Actually Celebrate the End of the Year

What does the end of the year mean to you? Do you see party hats, streamers, and a glass of Champagne? Or do you see tax audits, fees, and worker’s compensation corrections?

Are you gearing up to watch the ball drop on Times Square, primed to sing a rousing verse of “Auld Lang Syne,” the traditional New Year’s song for the English-speaking world? Or are you worried about whether or not you documented your books properly in accordance with standards for ACA compliance?

“How can I make my ideal vision a reality?” you ask.

But you guessed it already! Letting us automate your payroll is your one-way ticket to a truly Happy New Year. We’ll get you set up according to your business’s situation, and then we take care of the whole payroll process for you, including ACA compliance.


A Quick Way to Learn QuickBooks


In the spirit of the holidays, we’d like to offer a holiday gift to you! Use the discount code HOLIDAY to sign up for a 3-day course going over QuickBooks Basic Training for the low fee of $25 per day.

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Get training on basic accounting processes and setup in QuickBooks. Learn how to deal with a chart of accounts, item list, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation,  sales tax setup and reporting, and financial statement reporting.

From everyone at Accountable To You Inc., have a safe and happy holiday season!