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With the vast improvements to computing and internet technology in recent years, we’ve seen an explosion in cloud computing in Sioux Falls, SD. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a relatively inexpensive computer and you can have access to all the storage space and cloud-based services you’ll ever need.

But there’s more!

Leap into the 21st Century – Cloud Computing Sioux Falls, SD

In addition to the innumerable ways you can take advantage of cloud computing for personal uses like saving pictures and streaming video content, you can also use it to enhance your business.

Liberating Your Business

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Keeping all your data in the cloud gives you so much flexibility that it’s a no-brainer.

First of all, your data can be accessed by any device that has access to the internet. This gives your business a new precedent for mobility. No longer is your office restricted to a specific desk, a specific machine, or even the four-walled building. Wherever there’s internet, there’s access to your business files and bookkeeping information.

Payroll Convenience

And right along with easy access to files comes easy access to payroll and HR. Employees can get to their personal information, HR files, timekeeping, and paystubs 24/7. This eliminates a lot of the friction that can bog down the HR department.

Executives can review employee information and approve time off for employees without the additional hang-up of emailing, calling or visiting HR to get/print forms. Best of all, cloud computing gives you ready access to automated payroll, giving you greater flexibility while lessening the blight of human error amidst reporting and processing payroll.

A Prodigious Return on Investment

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If the convenience of eliminating the need for bulky and expensive equipment and keeping it maintained isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps the cost savings will. The first thing you may not realize is the reduced energy cost of taking away your physical server in favor of cloud storage.

According to the US Information Administration, a physical computer server costs an average of $731.94 per year! You’ll have saved money before even factoring in the costs of the equipment itself, maintaining it, and the additional cost of buying new hardware when scaling up.

Add to this the savings involved in reducing friction costs through sheer convenience, and the savings keep climbing!

A Gated Community

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Does it get better? Yes.

People are beginning to discover that this convenient and cost-effective computing solution is also more secure than on-premises servers. Cloud service providers specialize in giving their customers the best cloud experience. It isn’t a mere installation in an office closet—it’s their whole business.

That means providing excellent security measures is mutually beneficial, and they know how to do it right. Cloud systems are modern and well implemented, as well as being regularly monitored and maintained. So you’ll be getting a whole security team that proactively protects your business information from potential threats.

What’s better than that?

The Takeaway

Streamline your business, save money, and increase security with cloud computing in Sioux Falls, SD. Make things easy on yourself and your team with a cloud-based server that integrates all your company information into an easily-accessible location online!