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For most small to medium sized businesses, finding ways to improve is a never-ending quest. In your search to find the best people, the best practices, and ultimately, the best way to give your customers the best service possible—making the most of your time is your best bet.

Here’s how automated timekeeping in Sioux Falls, SD can provide your business with a better foundation to increase productivity so you can take your company to the next level.

Accountable Timekeeping

A clear, concise timekeeping system helps your employees stay organized so they’re more productive.

Knowing exactly how much time you have to finish your work and having to record that time accurately helps you stay focused and accountable. It’s easier to stay the course and get your tasks done when you have a clear, measurable goal in mind—and an accurate timesheet to answer for.

Timeless Wisdom

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Time is money.” This saying is applicable in more ways than one. It’s most often used to equate the hours in a workday to a day’s wage.

Simple enough.

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But people don’t often think about how the equation of time and money has more far-reaching effects. First of all, if your workday is worth a day’s wage, then a day off—strictly speaking—means the loss of a whole day’s wage.

But there’s more.

“Time is money” is more than a declaration of the value of work multiplied by the time spent. It’s also a reminder that time is a precious commodity that’s not to be wasted. That’s where timekeeping in Sioux Falls, SD comes into play.

Staying Productive

This is where the famous saying gets a bit deceptive. The simple equation makes it seem that each unit of time is equal to each unit of work done.

But it’s not always true.

Let’s face an ugly truth for business owners: just because there are “x” number of hours on one’s timesheet, it doesn’t mean that you’ve received “y” value for that time.

You want your staff to feel appreciated. After all, high morale yields high quality work. And what better way is there to boost morale than by making sure that each team member is properly compensated for a job well done?

Timekeeping Pitfalls

First of all, keeping accurate time is a great way to get everyone on the same page. Particularly if your business depends on deliveries or contact with outside vendors or clients, time management is crucial to having a business that works like a well-oiled machine.

Keeping everyone accountable is a great way to maintain staff morale. Having the whole crew show up on time, ready to work, is a good first step.

If your timekeeping system is dated, you may have employees that take advantage of “a little wiggle room” when reporting their hours. When employees come in late, it lowers morale for more prompt team members and can cause work to become backed up, which can create a need to do more work in less time, thus increasing the potential for reduced quality.

Buddy Punching

And let’s not forget that there’s such a thing as “buddy punching,” where a coworker clocks another employee in or out when they aren’t actually there. This may seem like teamwork, but supporting tardiness has another name: time theft. In the end, allowing employees to punch in late is harmful to morale, harmful to productivity, and overall, it’s bad for your whole team.

Of course, you should trust your staff, and if you do—that’s great! But in today’s world, it doesn’t hurt to have a foolproof system that ensures that all bookkeeping and time is kept accurately and reliably.

Honest Mistakes

The human element to payroll is problematic in more ways than staying productive. Manual timekeeping introduces a significant risk for human error that grows as time goes on and your company scales.

According to the IRS, 33% of employers make payroll errors, to the tune of billions of dollars! Keeping track of your employees’ hours on an Excel spreadsheet or even pen-and-paper is a recipe for costly mistakes that can add up if you’re not careful (and even if you are).

A Timekeeping Solution

If we’re going to ensure that time is money and that a sufficient amount of value is derived therefrom, then there’s only one cure. Our online timekeeping software in Sioux Falls, SD saves you time, which saves you money, and it does all this while giving you convenience and flexibility.

So how can you stop losing your hard-earned money? Set up a timekeeping system today! Get in touch with us at 605-231-4906 to find out more!